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"Terjola Farmers House" 2003-2004

"Terjola Farmers House" 2003-2004

Finance Organization: Terjola Municipality Administration, ABC
Project Budget: GEL 24 000


In 2002-2003 union “Agro-Business Consulting” together with the Ministry of Agriculrure and Terjola municipality administration established a farmers union “Terjola Farmers’ House”. Founders of the Terjola Farmers’ House are representatives 19 “Sakrebulo”-s of the municipality.General objectives and activities of the TFH include:

  • Farmers’ Club, its main function to participate in the preparation of the municipality budget (for transparency purposes);
  • Supporting livestock breeding farms;
  • Supporting grain production;
  • Supporting vine culture development;
  • Supporting bee-keeping;
  • Attracting, certified chemicals and distributing them into selling places, establishing new technologies;
  • Attracting fertilizers distributing them into selling place, establishing new technologies;
  • Finding new seedling materials and distribution them into farms, establishing new technologies;
  • Bringing in and selling materials and medicaments necessary for cattle-breeding farms, relevant consultations services, and vet services providing.

Livestock husbandry, which is one of the leading fields in the municipality, is depended of the feed base production. For that purpose, with the initiative of the Farmers’ House, in the farms of the municipality fodder grain, especially wheat, production has produced that includes 110 he. property of 150 farmers. In 2003 15, 20 he gave 4, 5 tones. Since then productivity is decreasing every year per 1 he.

Decrease in productivity results in the deficit of raw material for feed base that is closely connected with the weight and milking amount of the cattle owned by farmers that in its turn is a negative factor for income and social-economic condition of the farmers’ families.

The project also includes holding a seminar for members of Farmers’ Club regarding following themes: “Ago-Business Management”, “Capacity Building”. These activities will surely support target groups farms, sustainable livelihood and will contribute to development of Terjola Farmers’s House and improvement farmers’ skills.

Members of Terjola Farmers’ Club as well as population of the entire municipality were mostly engaged in livestock-breeding. The role of women is particularly important in this field. Practically the entire cycle of milk product producing, was depended on women’s work. Before wheat production is revived, maize was used for cattle breeding. Mostly women were engaged in maize production cycle, they also took care of the cattle. Mechanization of production and increase in wheat productivity results in the enrichment-diversification of feed base, as well as reducing labor of men and women, because mechanization will substitute handicraft and women won’t be overloaded with producing feed base. Enrichment of feed base and increasing production volume by mechanization, will increase amount of milking and number of cattle, this will have a positive impact on the household income.

Goals of the project :

Main Goal:

Supporting Terjola Farmers’ House and transforming it into a demonstration center for sharing knowledge with other municipalities


  • Increasing living standards of the municipality;
  • Increasing incomes of farmers;
  • Improving economic and social-public utility conditions;
  • Improving feed base for the cattle by restoring wheat production;
  • Increasing number of livestock;
  • Establishing qualified consultation services;
  • Decreasing migration from villages to cities and abroad.


  • Employing youth in villages;
  • Lightening women’s labor and increasing productivity;
  • Satisfying needs for meat and milk products of the target groups families;
  • Increasing income for farmers and improving their social and economical conditions;
  • Making contributions for satisfying needs for the products mentioned in the project at Kutaisi and Zestaponi markets;
  • Improving farmers’ skills and increasing experience of successful cooperatives;
  • Increasing quality of services of TFH, that will influence creation of relevant services and consultation services for farmers and neighboring municipalities;
  • Active functioning of the TFH in the municipality will increase the participation of farmers together with local administration in the municipality management and budget preparation.


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