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“Conservation of Chachuna Managed Nature” 2005-2006

“Conservation of Chachuna Managed Nature” 2005-2006

Finance Organization: World Wild Fund (WWF)
Project Budget: USD 3 000

Conservation of Chachuna Managed Nature ProjectAbout project
Since 2005 by the support of Caucasian Representation of Nature Protection World Fund, the project –“The facilitation of protection and rehabilitation of under threat grove in river Iori border zone”. The subcomponent project “Conservation of Chachuna Managed Nature” is implemented by association “Agro-Business-Consulting”.In the eastern part of Georgia, Near Dedoplistskaro region is a protected area- Chachuna Managed Nature, which is along the river Iori banks. Here the grove wood is conserved in the best way. The managed nature is rich with bio diversity; there are a lot of under threat of extinction plants and animals. The protection and development of Chachuna managed nature has a great importance in conservation of natural heritage of the country.

Project objective

  • The project objectives were the following:
  • Increasing the nature protection awareness among the protected areas’ vicinity inhabitants and the local population and community organizations involve in the nature protection activities.
  • Studying the relationship of population towards the Managed Nature.
  • To inform the population about the importance of Managed Nature development (that in turn, implies income increasing by development of eco tourism and improving the social and economical conditions in managed nature neighborhood).
  • Establishment of development support groups in Managed Nature communities.

    Activities Implemented 
  • For the purpose of facilitation of Chachuna Managed Nature bio diversity protection, with population nature protection awareness increasing, the establishing of target groups has been implemented. The following target groups have been occurred: the region authorities and non-governmental representatives, the natural science teachers, forestry stuff and community active members.
  • The project performer non-governmental organization worked out and distributed the preliminary prepared questionnaire to the population of Dedoplistskaro. Public inquiry has been held in Managed Nature vicinity (villages Tsiteltskaro, Djaparidze, town Dedoplistskaro) for the purpose of identification the problems existing in Managed Nature and setting off community activity.
  • The meetings with population have been planned and held step-by-step, where Chachuna Managed Nature importance, problems and the future development have been discussed.
  • Analyzing the questionnaires, the main problems of community, the causes, problem solving and its interaction with nature protection and bio diversity conservation issues have been revealed.
  • The informative booklet about Chachuna Managed Nature has been prepared.
  • For the comprehensive guide about Chachuna Managed Nature in March 22, in Dedoplistskaro region, near the Dali Mountain impoundment, in the hotel “Dali’s Mountain”, the workshop has been held. The target groups’ members participated in the workshop. The information about the workshop was distributed via E-mail by the Caucasian Environment Protection non- governmental organizations network. The representatives of governmental, international and Environment Protection non-governmental organizations and journalists have expressed the interest for the workshop.

The following issues have been discussed:

  • Existed threat of the grove along the river Iori in Caucasus eco region, the facilitation of its protection and restoration; the importance of Chachuna Managed Nature and existing problems.
  • The results of public inquiry;
  • The information about the protected areas of the Eastern Georgia;
  • The implementation of the activities facilitating increasing of environmental protection awareness (regarding Chachuna Managed Nature) among the youth. 
  • The information centers have been established in Sakrebulo (Administrative) buildings, in the village Djaparidze, Tsiteltskaro, and Dedoplistskaro, for the reason of popularization of Chachuna Managed Nature.

The necessity of activities to be implemented has been occurred:

  • The facilitation of social and economical development of the population;
  • The strengthening of management system of the protected areas;
  • The necessity of environmental education delivering;
  • The non-governmental organizations and society active involvement in nature protection problem solvingthe collaboration with the protected areas officials);The assistance from governmental entities;
  • The control strengthening;
  • Law restriction;
  • Strengthening the law;
  • To execute the law of illegal pasture in the Chachuna Managed Nature territory.

Achieved Results

  • One more time the attention of the population towards environmental protection issues has been attracted;
  • Due to the activities implemented in the frame of the project, the most part of population learned about the existence of Chachuna Managed Nature and its problems.
  • The population expressed the positive approach that will greatly contribute the protected areas conservation and development.
  • According meetings and inquires results, there have been established Chachuna Managed Nature Development facilitation groups;
  • The necessity of support strengthening from government entities, and active involvement of non-governmental organizations and society in nature protection problem solving


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