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“Development of Protected Territories” “Small Grants Program” 2004-2009

“Development of Protected Territories” “Small Grants Program” 2004-2009

Finance Organization: Global Environment Fund, World Bank GEF, WB
Project Budget: GEL 312 000Small Grants Program

About Program

With the assistance and support of World Bank and Global Environmental Fund the project of protected areas development in Georgia has been implemented.

The target of protected areas development project was establishment of sustainable protected areas and connecting ecological corridors, provision integration of activities concerning utilization of natural resources and preservation of biological diversity at the protected areas and the neighborhood.

The project of protected areas development has been implemented by “Sustainable Development Project Implementation Agency”.

The subcomponent of protected areas’ project is a Small Grants Program (SGP).To administrate the Small Grants Program the non-governmental organization “Agro-business Consulting” has been selected under competition. The main responsibility of the organization in a frame of the project was holding the Small Grants Program contests among the population of Kakheti region protected areas, assisting the preparation of completed project proposals, project assessment, preparing evaluation documents, collaboration with the project managers, monitoring of the current project.

The scope of activity lies on three regions of Khakheti:

  • Akhmeta region (Batsara State National Park, Babaneuli State National Park, Ilto Managed Nature, Tusheti Protected Landscape, National Park and the neighborhood).
  • Dedoflistskaro region (Vashlovani State National Park and National Park neighbourhood).
  • Laghodekhi region (Laghodekhi State National Park and Managed Nature

The results of Small Grants Program projects performance

Under the Small Grants Program many effective and valuable activities have been carried out for the population in the vicinity of protected areas in Kakheti.

In the villages, lacking the drinking water the internal water supply system has been made.Under the SGP implementation, the social and sanitation conditions have been improved in Omalo community and created the favorable conditions for ecotourism development. Additionally, the following activities have been performed:Provision of drinking water to two villages-Dzibakhevi and Birkhiani by rehabilitation of drinking water system and setting drainage system on river Alazani;Connecting new pipe lines to existed internal water system;For the provision of drinking water to Ole Gorge farmers, rehabilitation of reserve pool and watering trays have been made.The regulative wells have been constructed; three wells were dug out and surfaced in Dedoplistskar-to of them is used by 5 families, one is empty.

The cultural heritage monuments like Saint Elia Tample, Khornabudji, Shuamta, Senakho churches are under restoration.

In all three regions implementation and demonstration of non-waste technology was conducted, like sawdust pressing in briquette and distribution to population. The seedling plots have been made, where the plants expectable for local conditions were propagated (acacia, chestnut tree,Thuja etc. for windbreak) as well as endangered plants (vine breed “Khisi”, “Khikhvi”).Under the micro projects implemented the idea of resuming the local traditional breed of cattle (Khakhetian pigs, Buffalos, shepherd dogs), the restoration of genetically important bee species and restoration of bee-keeping in whole. Some of the projects serve for ecologically pure food producing and keeping traditional manufacturing technologies. The example of this is a project-“Conservation and realization of Tushetian Guda wineskin cheeseTraditional technology”. Under the projectfacilitation in preserving the traditional manufacturing method of Guda cheese production with century-long history was implemented. There was established and expanded high standard marketing network; an association of “Guda cheese manufacturers” was established.

The project “The natural honeycomb line with new technology” refers to production of ecologically pure honeycomb, which in term is a guarantee for pure honey collection. Under the project “Development of ecologically clean bee-keeping” with the withdrawal of artificial feeding, performed the bees’ rehabilitation and immunity increasing. With the help of the methods elaborated by biological farm association “Elkana”, there was reduced greatly the usage of medicines and increased the usage of ecologically pure product. The project “Our daily bread” serves for producing local traditional Doli bread, flour and bread. In the village Zemo Alvani opened a new small enterprise processing fruit; vegetable and berry, which in term facilitates the population social and economical conditions improvement and fruit and vegetable local producing in protected areas’ supportive zone villages.

In Omalo the producing and popularization of Tushian beer with traditional technology has been implemented.

The most important activity was carried out by the project that facilitated traditional handicraft rehabilitation. The 5th project of SGF “Traditional handicraft for future generation” implemented following activities among the children in Kvemo Alvani: rehabilitation of traditional Tushetian handicraft; collection and using of natural dyes; development of skills and abilities to make the specific equipment for handicraft.

Under the project “Traditional Handicraft Development” facilitated “Khizikhian” handicraft rehabilitation in Dedoplistskaro, There was explored the oldest samples and the data was collected. With the assistance of currently active weavers, the methods of manufacturing of product with pure Khizikhian ornaments and dyeing with plants have been implemented. In the frame of the project the exhibition of handicraft samples has been held that impressed the visitors greatly.

In the village Zemo Alvani established a small enterprise of wool processing, where the traditional handicraft has been produced (rugs, wool coats weaving, mattresses sewing etc.) and wool and thread has been dyed. The local population has been employed. The working-shop serves all regions of Akhmeta. The exhibition hall and distribution network is working.

In the village Qvemo Alvani –Akhmta region, the rehabilitation, keeping and popularization of the old traditional Tushetian handicraft method was succeeded under the SGP. In old traditional house the small enterprise and exhibition hall was established, where the craftsmen of all ages have been worked and share their experience to young generation and all interested people.

The implementation of five projects contributed in increasing of environmental protection perception among the youth; as a result the eco camps have been established.Under the project “The marginal groups’ integration in educational program”, in Dedoplistskaro performed the disable children’s integration in society, by means of creating eco groups and delivering ecological education.

Under SGP projects that facilitated horse-riding tourism development. The family farms models for horse riding tourism development with procuring stables and all necessary equipment for horses are being established in Checho village. In the village Omalo visitors will be easily served with horses. In Lagodekhi the partner organization in frames of SGP provides the horse-riding tourists with Tushian horses, equipment and field inventory.

With the assistance of the SGP project implementation the bird-watching tourism developed in Dedoplistskaro in the nearby territory of sightseeing “The Eagle Gorge”. For that reason the special equipment was purchased, the non-governmental organization “The Eagle Gorge” has been established, which provides patronage to the nature monument. In frame of the project the information centre has been built and opened a family guest-house.In all three regions were opened traditionally built comfortable family guest-houses.Under the 4th project have expended and equipped the existed guest-houses in Dedoplistskaro.

The establishment of comfortable guest-houses supported to development of tourism infrastructure in Lagodekhi, where also the provision of energy-carrier (water generator in a river nearby) is conducting.On the southern border of Lagodekhi National Park, in the north of village Shroma opened a family guest-house, which conform advanced requirements and keeps the Georgian tradition of hospitality.The guest-house opened in Pankhisi Gorge, in village Birkiani, with the horse-riding tourism services.

In village Verkhovani, in Tusheti, are made the arrangements of the guest-house, the restoration of brewery and the historical five-store castle in traditional style.In village Omalo, in Tusheti, the reconstruction of four houses and one castle-house is initiated, where the family hotels complex “Omalo 2005” of 21 places of four houses and a castle, without changing authentic facade of building is under way.

Under the project “The creation of the family guest-houses”, the protection of Tushian cultural and ethnography heritage and preserving the peculiarity of the region has been initiated by building of two guest-houses.In the village Dotchu, in Tusheti keeping traditional and architectural style peculiarities, the arrangement for reconstruction of 4 houses to family guest-houses complex “Dochu” has been implemented.

In the village Dartlo, in Tusheti, the restoration of old Tushian houses for family guest-houses is conducting.In the village Dartlo, in Tusheti, 3 houses have been restored for the hotel complex-“Samtsikhe”, where the traditional and architectural style is preserved. In front side of the houses, on the slope, the terrace-garden has been constructed. The historical and traditional style of the village-museum was not changed. In the village Dochu, in Tusheti near the church Khakhmati 3 houses were reconstructed for family hotel complex-“Khruiskari”, keeping traditional architectural style.In Qvemo Alvani the quite comfortable family hotel was reconstructed.

To support the tourists, in the frames of SGP, the guide-book describing Tushian inhabitant’s habits, traditions and communication peculiarities was published, as well as the guide-book including the Khakheti region inhabitants traditions and habits popularization, which support the potential tourists to be introduced to Khakhetian inhabitants traditions, habits and communication peculiarities.

The restoration and construction of damaged bridges has been made. In Gometsra Gorge, in Tusheti two path and two solid metal bridges have been restored. The restoration of highway bridge has been done near the village Beghela.

As a result of implementation of SGP projects we have a great support from population in the development of protected areas, which is a important step towards conservation of bio diversity.The majority of participants have gained project writing experience.The considerable part of population has been employed; the great part of projects is profitable. Project implementation groups will benefit from started and precisely directed activities.


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